Join the AR revolution.

Welcome to ARKH, where imagination meets reality. One platform to tinker, share, and explore a new world of stunning voxel creations.

In a world where the physical & digital blend, there exists a mixed reality where creators connect, innovations emerge, and new realms come to life.

Immerse across every dimension

Get hands on with the AR Controller Pro. Seamlessly connect and navigate through the ARKH universe to move, scale, and engage with AR at your fingertips

A sandbox for creativity

Join a cozy community hub where creators from all corners of the globe come together to shape a new reality. Explore the features that make ARKH a friendly spot for creation and innovation below.

Live View

Dive into augmented reality and place your creations in any space to share with friends and family.

Global View

Share your creations worldwide, invite friends, and explore together in a connected metaverse.

Hyperweb (Discover Mode)

Easily upload 3D files to your web backpack and access them instantly on the mobile app.

Creator Tool

Unleash your creativity with the voxel creator tool, where your imagination knows no bounds.


Jump into thrilling AR combat experiences and conquer hordes of foes in the ultimate arena battle.


Showcase your creations, discover new ones, and like your favorites to view anytime.

Connect, create and play on mobile

Whip up your masterpieces in the comfort of your home or head out and leave a trail of art across public spaces. Transform the world into your own interactive gallery.

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