We're innovating every interaction

Unleash a new era of intuitive AR interaction with the Developer Controller. Experience precision like never before & elevate your creations to new heights.

Guide your reality with effortless precision

Our controller is a small wearable device that seamlessly connects to your phone via Bluetooth, providing precise touch and motion inputs at your fingertips.

A touch surface with intuitive dynamics

Featuring a capacitive touchpad with accurate (x, y) coordinates, make every tap & swipe count with a surface designed for precision.

Sensory realism through haptic immersion

Feel the feedback as you navigate through the virtual world, enhancing your sense of touch and immersion in mixed reality experiences.

Fluid tracking for a seamless experience

Navigate with accuracy as ARKH's motion-tracking technology enables dynamic interactions in the real-world space.

Compact design with all-day power

Stay immersed for longer periods with over 8 hours of continuous usage time, delivering extended play and interaction without interruptions.


Height: 29mm, 1.15 inches

Length: 48mm, 1.89 inches

Width: 18mm, 0.71 inches

Weight: 24 grams


8+ hours of usage time

2000 hours standby

90 minutes to full charge


64 MHz Arm Cortex-m4 with floating-point unit (FPU)

Motion sensors

60hz sample-rate tracking

Invest in a new level of control

Get your hands on the essential tool for precise AR control. Discover seamless touch and motion interactions that will bring your creations to life with unmatched precision.