Push the boundaries of digital reality with us

Snag exclusive early access to our latest hardware and software, including the Developer Controller, before anyone else through our Developer Program. We're now accepting more folks to join us!

We invite developers from every skill level to innovate and share amazing AR experiences. ARKH is your canvas to stretch the imagination

Develop on the frontier of augmented reality

As a developer in this program, you will be at the forefront of revolutionizing AR experiences.

Access to ARKH’s SDK license

A free ARKH Dev Controller (worth $125)

Competitions and awards for creative developments

Direct chat and support from the ARKH team

Next-gen spacial hardware, on the house

Our developer controllers are built for creators eager to expand the realms of reality with new hardware. Grab a free device when you join the program.

All developers are welcome

We're on the lookout for anyone keen to craft games and experiences. New to augmented reality? No problem.

Just a few small things:

Must be 13 years or older

AR or Unity experience would be great, but it’s not a must

Interest in engaging with the ARKH’s development community, including interacting with other developers and our developer team during discussions

Ask away, we're all ears

We get it. Committing to a new partner can be a tough decision. Here are some common questions we get when folks are deciding if ARKH’s dev program is the place for them.

What's ARKH?

ARKH is a spatial computing company building the augmented reality layer of the metaverse. Our goal is to introduce innovative software & hardware that change the way we interact with each other, technology and the metaverse.

What’s the Developer Program?

The main initiative of the developer program is to unite creative individuals on a single platform. ARKH aims to help developers join a wider community and team. It’s an opportunity for builders to learn, showcase, and engage with other passionate developers.

What's the Developer Controller?

Our controller is a wearable device that connects you to the metaverse. Through haptic feedback, a touchpad and your imagination, the limits to what you can achieve with this device are endless. Controller capabilities include motion tracking, last pointer, object manipulation interactions, haptics, 3D touch and bluetooth pairing.

What development platforms are supported by ARKH?

The ARKH Developer Program uses a Unity-based SDK and will support development in Unity.

Ready to shape the future?

Join us on this extraordinary journey of innovation and creativity by starting your 2-minute application process now. Together, let's redefine the boundaries of reality.